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This is for your company if:

  • Your teams are disengaged at work

  • The performance of your business unit or company is declining

  • A conflictual work environment that is contributing to poor job satisfaction among employees

  • Absenteeism rates and turnover are increasing

  • High level of stress experienced by employees

Improve. Transform


Workplace stress management

Workplace stress resulting from factors such as job requirements that do not align with the capabilities, resources, or needs of your employees can lead to negative health outcomes, including injury, depression, anxiety, and burnout.


The workshops that I design are aimed at enhancing workers' ability to manage stress and identify stress-related symptoms at an early stage.


Result: Building awareness around symptoms and methods to manage the stress, employees' well-being can be improved, leading to higher job satisfaction, motivation, and productivity.

Quality of life at work

These workshops draw your attention back to the well-being of your employees. Inadequate and unfavorable work conditions not only create lethargic employees and a lack of drive within your teams, but they also negatively impact the overall growth of your organization.


Taking care of your teams means taking care of your business. Providing a healthy work environment creates opportunities for you and your employees to exchange ideas that can enhance the company's performance.


Result: Increase awareness and provide you with the initial tools to improve and transform your workplace.

Psychosocial risk factors

I design workshops that address psychosocial risk factors specific to your organization's needs. If you've noticed high workloads, tight deadlines, a lack of control over work processes, limited opportunities for social interaction, and a high level of effort that's not balanced by sufficient rewards (resources, remuneration, self-esteem, and status), then these workshop themes may be of interest to your company or team.

The first step in transforming your organization and improving the well-being of your employees is to raise awareness about these factors. That's where I come in.


Result: Understanding and addressing risk factors, leading to a healthier, happier, and more productive work environment.

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