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Career and Life Development Coach

ICF ACC, CPCC, Psych. M., Workshop facilitator

I'm Arina, and I specialize in helping women and companies to bring back their performance by prioritizing well-being. I help women who feel stuck in their lives to rediscover their authentic selves and build the confidence to move forward and reach their full potential. My clients are typically women in middle-management positions struggling with unfulfilling careers, personal challenges such as childcare, expatriation projects, intercultural differences, or other significant life changes which have a direct impact on their well-being and their professional performance. 

My passion for human potential and helping others has driven me to pursue psychology and HR management before becoming a Certified Coach. On top of my studies I bring 17 years of international experience as a psychologist, HR consultant, coach, and workshop facilitator. During all this time I have supported candidates, employees, and clients in uncovering their full potential.

Living and working in various cultures, including Romania, France, and Canada, has deepened my understanding of human beings from different cultural perspectives.


Juggling between leaving my home country, changing continents, becoming mother, switching jobs, and exploring diverse market contexts, has challenged me to navigate different transitions in professional and personal life while looking for a balance in my life.


As a woman who values both knowledge and hands-on experience, I have built my practice on a foundation of solid academic studies, trainings, and a career spanning 17 years of international experience.


I hold Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Psychology and Learning Processes, as well as a degree in HR Management, all from the University of Bucharest in Romania. Additionally, I am a Associate Certified Coach from ICF and a Certified Professional Co-Active© Coach from CTI. 

At the intersection between psychology, coaching and HR I believe that achieving a state of balance between our personal and professional lives is key to leading a fulfilling life. This requires a sense of harmony and completeness - a life that you have intentionally crafted to include all the important pieces that will bring you a sense of fulfillment, well-being, and high performance. This kind of life allows you to see the big picture, make the most of all your available resources, and have a wide range of choices at your fingertips.

In my personal life, I find joy in spending time in nature and being with my family. I strongly belive in the "mens sana in corpore sano" approch to life, integrating physical activity, healthy eating and mindfulness practices in my routine. I am passionate about helping others find creative solutions to move forward without stress and have adopted the French l'art de vivre.


As a native of Romania and a French and Canadian citizen, I am fluent in English, French, and Romanian.


What makes me unique

I'm with you,


What they say about my coaching


"I started my sessions with Arina during a rather difficult moment in my life. I was stuck in a job where I didn’t feel appreciated and despite all my efforts, things were not going in the right direction at all. This situation was affecting both my professional and personal life and I felt stuck with millions of thoughts running constantly through my head.

Arina came as a saviour and with calm, structure and positiveness guided me through the clutter and helped me remove the blockage that was pinning me down. From the beginning, even from the Discovery session, she has “forced” me to remove all the noise in my thoughts and simmer down concrete answers to very simple questions that we sometimes lose track of, like who we are and what are our values.

With her vast knowledge in human interaction, Arina manages with a clear structure to get to the core of the issues and most importantly to get an action plan going, asking the most important question “what are you going to do about this”? She is extremely professional, open, and helpful. A trustworthy and knowledgeable coach that has helped me reconnect with myself and actively set a plan in motion."

Cristina A., Global Brand Manager

"I started working with Arina due to my need for personal development. I wanted to get rid of some old perceptions that were blocking me in life and wanted to show up more as my authentically self.

When I started coaching, I was not very sure what to expect, but I saw the results very soon.

As a Coach, Arina helped me be clear about where I want to be. She is bringing my self-understanding to another level, and I am able now to see things that were blocking me in the past from a different perspective. She is supporting me by making me more aware of the important steps I'm already taking toward my transformation."

Dragos B., Financial planning and analyst

"If until recently I considered coaching as something for people who reached a higher level of professional and personal development, now I think this is something for everyone. Coaching it’s for everyone who wants to discover or reinvent themselves and grow as a person. 

And, yes, for this you need someone like Arina to guide you and help you see things from a different perspective, to change certain patterns, to increase your self esteem and have high quality relationships."

Mirela I., Key Account Manager

"Arina is an excellent coach who has significantly contributed to my own development as a coach. Always asking the right question - she is very well equipped with a variety of different coaching techniques which she combines with her outstanding intellect, people skills and her strong intuition.

Arina brings a lot of empathy and thoughtfulness to the table, but she will never let you fool yourself or wiggle yourself out of the hard work that needs to be done in order to achieve great coaching results.

If you are looking to become more balanced in life, I can assure you that Arina can support you on that journey by helping you to better understand your own values and evoke the transformation you are seeking."

Rebekka D., Personal Development Coach

"I worked with Arina initially on work/life balance and she helped me enormously to find great strategies to navigate something that mattered a lot to me.
Arina provided me guidance and support to help me reflect on my actions in difficult work situations, and how best to manage these.
She is warm, neutral, non-judgmental, emphatic, and focused to help overcome challenge. I thoroughly recommend Arina for executive coaching with impact."

Codruta U., Senior Treasury/FX/Cash Manager

"My first meeting with Arina was circumstantial. And I was not aware of how it would greatly help me…
Arina commenced with a keen analysis of the issues that I could address which made me first ask myself the right questions, then find out what I could change and finally encourage me to reach my goals. Arina pin points issues you‘re not aware of, induces gently, but surely little changes for big results. Moreover she helped me to balance my life between my personal well-being and my professional ambitions embracing who I am as a whole.
Now that I have experienced it, I am thankful to have had the chance to experience her coaching. Arina definitely puts you on the path to raise your well-being.
The only way to greet it is to experience it yourself!"

Victoria-Olivia T., Artist Entrepreneur



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