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This is for your company if:

  • You are a small or medium-sized company and your hiring costs are too high

  • The turnover is high 

  • Good employees start to leave your company

  • Effective employees begin to miss deadlines and experience a drop in productivity

  • Good employees are losing faith in their management

  • You notice behaviors that do not align with your company values

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2.Recruitment Consultancy and Training 

Recruitment Consultancy

With 15 years experience in talent aquisition, my recruitment consultancy services, help you identify the candidates who are aligned with your company's values and culture. With my tailored coaching-interview approach, I can assist you in building strong teams and reducing turnover.


I propose helping  companies finding the perfect fit for their organization by intervening in the final phase of the recruitment process. I evaluate the candidate's alignment with the company's values, long-term personal and professional goals, and motivation.

Result: Make an informed decision between the final candidates and select the one who truly wants to contribute to the growth of your company.

Hire the person

This training program is specifically designed for small and medium-sized companies that seek to adopt a holistic approach to their recruitment process and bring people at the core of their business.


It covers the entire recruitment process and emphasizes the integration of the company's values and culture into the process. When recruiting, you are not just selecting a candidate based on their skills set, but rather a person who will align with your company's vision and mission. Employees who feel connected to your company are more likely to be stable and productive.


Result: Design a robust and healthy recruitment process that will facilitate the growth of your business.

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